frisk search

frisk search
первичный обыск задержанного

English-Russian military dictionary. 2014.

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  • frisk — vt: to run the hand rapidly over the outer clothing of (a suspect) for the purpose of finding concealed weapons compare search ◇ The purpose of frisking a suspect is to insure the safety of an officer making an investigation against concealed… …   Law dictionary

  • search — consists of looking for or seeking out that which is otherwise concealed from view. People v. Carlson, Colo., 677 P.2d 310, 316. An examination of a person s house or other buildings or premises, or of his person, or of his vehicle, aircraft, etc …   Black's law dictionary

  • FRISK Software International — (FSI), is an Icelandic software company that develops F Prot antivirus and F Prot AVES antivirus and antispam servicecite web | url=http://www.f | title = F Prot Antivirus FRISK Software Information and... | format = .htm |… …   Wikipedia

  • frisk — [ frısk ] verb 1. ) frisk or frisk down transitive to search someone with your hands in order to see if they are carrying anything illegal such as a gun or drugs: All of the passengers were frisked by the airport police. 2. ) intransitive if… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • frisk — [frisk] adj. [ME < OFr frisque < OHG frisc, new, cheerful, lively: see FRESH1] Obs. lively; frisky n. 1. a lively, playful movement; frolic; gambol 2. Slang the act of frisking a person vt. 1. to move in a playful, lively manner …   English World dictionary

  • search — I verb chase after, closely examine, comb, delve, examine, examine by inspection, explore, ferret, follow the trail of, go through, hunt, indagate, inquire into, inspect, investigate, look into, look over, look through, probe, pry into, pursue,… …   Law dictionary

  • frisk — (fr[i^]sk), v. t. To search (a person) for concealed weapons or other objects, by patting the clothing to detect objects underneath; as, the police pulled the car over and frisked the occupants. Syn: frisk. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • frisk — [frısk] v [Date: 1500 1600; Origin: frisk full of energy (16 18 centuries), from Old French frisque] 1.) [T] to search someone for hidden weapons, drugs etc by feeling their body with your hands ▪ We were frisked at the airport can you believe… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • frisk´er — frisk «frihsk», verb, noun, adjective. –v.i. to run and jump about playfully; skip and dance joyously; frolic: »Our lively puppy frisks all over the house. SYNONYM(S): gambol. –v.t. 1. to move (something) in a playful or lively manner. 2. to… …   Useful english dictionary

  • frisk — ► VERB 1) pass the hands over (someone) in a search for hidden weapons or drugs. 2) skip or move playfully; frolic. ► NOUN 1) a search by frisking. 2) a playful skip or leap. ORIGIN Old French frisque alert, lively …   English terms dictionary

  • frisk — 1510s, to dance, frolic, from M.E. frisk lively (mid 15c.), from M.Fr. frisque lively, brisk, from O.Fr. frisque fresh, new; merry, animated (13c.), possibly from a Germanic source (Cf. M.Du. vrisch fresh, O.H.G. frisc lively; see FRESH (Cf.… …   Etymology dictionary

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